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Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a state-of-the-art nano-ceramic paint coating. It is the industry leader in ceramic paint protection and is a serious game changer in the auto detailing world. Ceramic Pro has a full line of products meeting every surface protection need. Their flagship product is Ceramic Pro 9H, a heavy duty, permanent protective coating. This product has a glossy, hydrophobic finish allowing water and other liquids to easily bead off the surface.


Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic invisible shield that protects your car from environmental contaminants. Only able to be removed through abrasion, this breakthrough technology prevents damage while simultaneously adding scratch resistance, UV protection, anti-graffiti properties and oxidation prevention. An added benefit is that it  finishes with a high gloss. All Ceramic Pro packages are backed by warranties from six month to lifetime, and protect your car’s luster as well as adding additional value to the resale of the vehicle. Our trained experts have handled hundreds of paint protection jobs and you can trust them with any Ceramic Pro job that you had in mind.


Benefits Include:

  • Protection from insect acids, rock chips, bird droppings and dirt
  • High hydrophobicity
  • Protection from oxidation and rust
  • Reduced car wash times
  • Packages backed by variable warranties
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